Hispanic Religious Art

Adapted from 19th Century Folk Art in

New Mexico Churches

(lead free pewter)

Made in USA

 Large Guadalupe Retablo Easel
Price: $26

Large Easel is 4 3/4 by 2 3/4 inches.

Easel Back attached for Standing.

Hand Cast, Hand Finished from Lead Free Pewter. Image adapted from

19th Century folk art sculpture found in a Northern New Mexico Church.

The original sculpture (bulto) is in the Spanish Colonial Art Museum in Santa Fe.

Shipped with saying and description of origin.

$7.90 priority mail,


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Art    Art and Writing by
Alice Warder Seey

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Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

They bring the children one by one.
They sing the songs, rich in harmony.
Softly now, I sing the song.
Such is the blessing way.


Guadalupe Pin in Matchbook $14.00

       Large Guadalupe Easel $26.00

Medium Guadalupe Easel $17.00

Guadalupe Large Link Bracelet $42

Guadalupe Ornament $14.00



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San Miguel
(Saint Michael)

Guardian of my senses,
shedding your tears of pardon

Push away my darkness.
Gather me in light.


  San Miguel Pin in Matchbook $14.00

  Large San Miguel Easel $21.00

  Medium San Miguel Easel $17.00

  San Miguel Ornament $14.00






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San Rafael
(Healing Angel)

Raphael helps heal the wounded
and those in pain.

Raphael brings the sun.


San Rafael Matchbook Pin $14.00

Large San Rafael Easel  $21.00

San Rafael Medium Easel $17.00

San Rafael Ornament $14.00



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Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Hands so gentle,
wipe away my tears.
Fingers strong,
tracing children’s smiles.




Nuestra Senora Pin $14.00

Large Nuestra Senora Easel $21.00

Medium Nuestra Senora Easel $17.00

Nuestra Senora Ornament $14.00



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(St. James)

I am the protector.
The new world my charge.
I am the rider,
The new land my vision..






Santiago pin in matchbook $14.00

Large Santiago Easel $21.00

Medium Santiago Easel $17.00

Santiago Ornament  $14.00




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La Trinidad
(The Trinity)

As they brought forth the day, they laughed. For there is joy in those things shared.
As they brought forth those things we know, they laughed.
For there is joy in those things shared!







  La Trinidad pin in Matchbook $14.00

Large La Trinidad Easel $21.00

Medium La Trinidad Easel $17.00

La Trinidad Ornament $14.00




San Francisco de Asis
(St. Francis)

I promise nothing but understanding.
I give nothing but my ear.
Speak to me and I will listen;
Sing to me and I will join you.



San Franciso  Matchbook Pin $14.00

 Large San Franciso de Asis Easel $21.00

Medium San Franciso Easel $17.00

San Franciso de Asis Ornament $14.00











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La Huida a Egipto
(Flight to Egypt)

The small child came into the world
with joy and good will..





La Huida pin in Matchbook $14.00

Large La Huida Easel $21.00

Medium La Huida Easel $17.00

La Huida Ornament $14.00




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Santa Magdalena

The simple truth:
care not for any man’s beginning.
I care for all,
the youngest and the oldest.





Santa Magdelena pin in Matchbook $14.00

Large Santa Magdelena Easel $21.00

  Medium Santa Magdelena Easel $17.00

Santa Magdelena Ornament $14.00



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Santo Niño de Atocha

The child with a heart of innocence
gave to each without limitation.




  Santo Nino de Atocha Matchbook Pin $14.00

   Large Santa Nino de Atocha Easel $21.0

 Medium Santo Nino de Atocha Easel $17.00

 Santo Nino de Atocha Ornament $14.00



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San Isidro

New leaves reach up to the sun’s warmth.
Your fingers touch the pollen, rich with promise.
New seasons blessed with abundance.




San Isidro pin in Matchbook $14.00

Large San Isidro Easel $21.00

 Medium San Isidro Easel  $17.00

 Santo Nino de Atocha Ornament $14.00


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