Menopause Pins

  Menopause Pins


            Writing on the back of the Matchbook

              (Titles changed from our previous menopause pin line)

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            Mid-life Celebrations

  Among those things best forgotten
    are the agonies of youth


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           A Mermaid,
          not a "mere maid",
          A woman of substance!


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              Stellars’ Joys

       Small joys are the greatest of gifts.
       So we are grateful for the blue jays
       who winter in our garden.

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                Woman’s Dance

        Dancing through life
        with the excited discovery
        of each new day.
        Laughter and delight!
        The dance need never end.

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            Song of the Fisher Woman

The river -- a ribbon winding, always changing.
Sun light sparkling on the water, filled with fish.
The river is my mother, she gives her children life.
And so I sing a praise for her never ending gifts.

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    Laughter and Play
    are not reserved
    only for children


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              Fashion police

         For those with discriminating taste
         and shopping expertise.

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    Bad Hair Day

   Everyone has a bad hair day
   once in awhile.

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             Four Faces

   Like a fine piece of jewelry.
   At first, finely chiseled…
   Then delicately etched.
   Deeply engraved,
   And finally a work of art!

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       Lost Keys

      Sometimes we need a dog on the head
      with a bird on the back
      to remember the small details.

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              The chaos of menopause
              is the only thing
              I haven’t been able to blame
              on my mother.

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           Cleopatra’s Comb

Through the ages, my comb has run its course.
Now, slowly it glides through my silver hair.
I dreamed of galloping horses, chariots racing.
My life is charged with energy and zeal.

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  Flight to Freedom

       The nest is empty
       the children are gone.
       Twenty eight thousand meals 

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Cat on the Back

       Grandmothers, have you no children?
       Mothers, have your children gone?
       A cat on the back
       will give you comfort in your years.

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            Anubus’ Song

           Spring has ended.
           Autumn not begun..
           Sun filled days roll gently by.
           Enjoy the long days of summer.
           Our seasons change soon enough.

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        Ultimate Friendship

Three friends is the most difficult friendship. If you hear laughter
when three people are together,
then their stories will last forever

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    Best Friend

          Childhood’s greatest reward
          is a sister who is a best friend.




            Tears of the Nile

When our daughters were grown  and our cycles ended, we moved to the river’s edge.

As we wept at the passing of our youth and fertility, the river was renewed.

We were greeted by the laughter of our grand-children splashing in the water.

I am my parent’s child. I am whole.
And now I watch my children grow.

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     Two Friends Horseback

Always I shall know my sister. We shall ride together. Always I shall love my sister, we share our joy. Always I shall remember my sister, we shall raise our children together. At our feet sit our grandchildren. They too shall ride together. Such is life!

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        Song of Friendship

I promise nothing but understanding. I give nothing but my ear.  Speak to me and I shall listen. Sing to me and I will join you. You shall have your drum,  and we shall sing together.

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                   Paws for Thought

     Pause for thought….
     and let the imagination run.

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     Female Rain

           She bends her head.
           The autumn rain touches the earth,
           bringing the promise of self discovery
           and renewal.

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       Life’s Rider

        The ride was long and hard
        and I lost my dreams along the way.
        When I arrived, I found them waiting.

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        Inner Child

       Protect and nourish the child within;
      with joy and wonder smile at the adult.

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Those things forgotten, I find at the river’s edge. My memories are now like small fish splashing in the water. I recall my mother’s strong hands and my father’s wisdom. I am blessed and feel complete.

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My mother doesn’t recognize
herself in the mirror.

I assure her that when I look in the
mirror, I see her!

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     Alter Ego

    The continual struggle of who we are
    and who we are expected to be.

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        White Streaks

The white streak in my hair came
from a severe trauma.

The trauma of getting older

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