Children of Diversity Matchbook Pins
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The World¦s Rainbow

Brown eyes and skin like cinnamon. Amber hues of gold and blue. We are our mother¦s children, and rainbow is our name.

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My Mother¦s Arms

We nestle in our Mother¦s arms.

She gives our family life.

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Children of Diversity

She gathers her children to her   side,    
Children of all nations.
Her harmony is nurtured by diversity

 (African Image)

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Song of Friendship

Always I shall know my sisters, we shall ride together. Always I shall love my sisters, we share our joy. Always I shall remember my sister, we shall raise our children together. At our feet sit our grandchildren. They too shall ride together.      Such is life!


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Childhood Memories

When I was a small child climbing into my mother¦s arms, she combed and tugged my hair into neat braids. Remembering the pleasures of childhood, I treasure the start of the day.

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   Life¦s Art

  Straight lines, curved lines,
  bright colors, subtle shades.
  Life, like art, creates beauty
  from diversity,

           (Nigerian Image)p

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Child¦s Delight

Clap your hands, jump and shout.
Close your eyes, run and hide.
Children¦s games of hide and seek.
Mother is calling...dinner¦s cooked.
Warm memories of yesterday.

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        The Beginning

They laughed together, for there is joy in those things shared.
As they laughed, they brought forth the day and those things we know.

  Petroglyph from Okanogan River

Item Name: The Beginning
Item Number: Children of Diversity
Price: $16

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     Children¦s Laughter

Sweet breeze in the evening air,
Children¦s laughter,
Dragon flies at the riverís edge,          Children's Laughte

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Blessing Way

Sing the songs of the blessing Way.
Balance night and day!
Bring the children one by one.
Softly now, I sing the song. Rich in harmony! Such is the Blessing Way.

  Petroglyph from Gobernador Canyon, New Mexic

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Life's Tree

Bless me with your gentle rain.
Hold me in your branches.
Blossoms filled with scent,
Promises of sharing.                        

(Petroglyph from Green River, Utah)

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Earth¦s Creatures

"A thousand ants on the land", he said
I did not see.
"A thousand fish in the sea", he said
I did not care.
"A thousand voices in the air", he said
I did not hear

One child¦s voice in the night", he said.
I turned to see. I turned to care.
I turned to hear and the laughte continu

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      Simple Joys

Open your arms,
feel the sun¦s warmth.
Sand sifts betwen your toes.
Life is filled with simple joys.

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    The Good Around Us

My fingers touch the pollen, rich with promise. New leaves reach up to the sun¦s warmth; the days are long. I hear my children laugh. So simple is the good around us.

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      Touching Hands

   Hands so gentle,
   wipe away my tears.
   Fingers strong,
   tracing childrenís smiles.

    Petroglyph from Petrified Forest, Arizona.




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A Good Spirit

Gentle breezes tease the earth.
Trees, with branches spread,
Welcome her children.

"A good spirit always looks after her young."

(Taken from an African saying.)


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Bird Song

I ask, "Birds do you sing for my pleasure?" The birds respond, "We sing instead to wake the day and greet the night and call our mates." I say to the birds, "That is all right, and I shall gather your songs.

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My Mother¦s Children

When my mother¦s children gather, l
aughter fills the air.

Bare feet dancing warms the earth;
Seeds sprout and life begins anew.

              Petroglyph from Petrified Forest,  Arizona



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First Song

There were no dreams of the past; 
creation had just begun.
New songs echoed through the canyons. First light danced the promise
of those to come.


Petroglyph from Ginko State Park,  Washington

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Creation¦s Song

The beginning started with the smallest sound: A gentle breeze ruffling through new formed leaves...Then all new creatures nestled on the Mother Earth. And so began creation¦s song!

 Petroglyph from the Columbia River, Washington

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Mothers¦ Dance

Mothers¦ love knows no boundaries.
They dance through the Universe,
Partners in creation.
To Nurture is their plan.

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   First Mother

Are you my mother? Did you give me life? Do I hear the stirring of new life inside your womb? Shall I trace the outline of your smile upon my face?

Take my hand and walk with me along the path

Petroglyph from Petrified Forest, Arizona

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There were no dreams of the past; creation had just begun.
New songs echoed through the canyons. First light danced the promise of those to come.

      Petroglyph from Ginko State Park,  Washington

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Female Rain

They bend their heads
when the gentle drops of rain
touch the earth and awaken
the seeds in the spring.

Petroglyph from Coso Range,  California

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Life Forms

We wait for Spring
with the greatest of expectations.
This Spring comes with a roaring wind,
the trees bend to share their pollen.
New life forms emerge — the crying baby smiles.
This is the next cycle in the memory of this path


Petroglyph from Chaco Canyon,  New Mexico

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Those things forgotten,
I find at their river¦s edge.
My memories are now like small fish splashing in the water.
I recall my mother¦s strong hands and my father¦s wisdom.
I am blessed and I feel complete.

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Grandmother¦s Story

I hear laughter when you talk of old coyote cooking his corn before it was planted...I hear the laughter of children. Grandmother, may I join you?

 Petroglyph from Okanogan River. Washington

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First People

They were the first people. They moved from the dream word and were given shape. They saw that the new world was good and the were grateful.

             Petroglyph from Petrified Forest,Arizona


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