Large Link and Extra Large Link Bracelets

Art  by Alice Warder Seely



Large Link Bracelets are $46.00

Extra Large Link is $57.90

$7.90 priority mail, free shipping over $100.00

We can adjust sizes slightly, please request in comments on cart form.

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Artemis Bracelet (Godess of Love, Victorian Image)  7 1/8"  $46.00

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Paisley Bracelet large link  71/8 "  $46.00

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Woman's Dance

Woman's Dance Bracelet 549  7 1/8" $46.00

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Life's Rider

Life's Rider Bracelet  7 1/8" $46.00

The ride was long and hard

 and I lost my dreams along the way,

When I arrived, I found them waiting.

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Universal Bracelet 547  7 1/8"  $46.00

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Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Bracelet 501RD 7 1/4" $46.00

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Indian Rug

Indian Rug Design 917 7 1/8" $46.00

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Key Lock

Key Lock Bracelet   7"  $46.00

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Extra Jump Ring


Extra Jump Ring Bracelet    7 "   $57.90

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