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Art and Writing
Alice Warder Seely

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Life¦s Rider

The Ride was long and hard
and I lost my dreams along the way.

When I arrived, I found them waiting.


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Two Bent Men

Sharing the load builds a friendship.

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Cat on the Back

Grandmothers, have you no children?
Mothers, have your children gone?
A cat on the back
Will give you comfort in your years.

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     Song of Friendship

I promise nothing but understanding. I give nothing but my ear.  Speak to me and I shall listen. Sing to me and I will join you. You shall have your drum,  and we shall sing together.


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Bird Song

I ask, "Birds do you sing for my pleasure?" The birds respond, "We sing instead to wake the day and greet the night and call our mates." I say to the birds, "That is all right, and I shall gather your songs."

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Always there has been loyalty and friendship.
As they grow older, they share one anothers joys.


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Laughter and play
Are not reserved only for children.

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Touching Hands

Hands so gentle,
wipe away my tears.
Fingers strong,
tracing children¦s smiles.


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Paws for Thought

Pause for thought….
and let the imagination run.

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A Mermaid¦s Mermaid

A Mermaid, not a "mere maid."
A woman of substance!


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Ultimate Friendship

Three friends is the most difficult friendship. If you hear laughter when three people are together, then their stories will last forever.

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Great Expectations

Cast your line without bait
and expect nothing.



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Inner Child

Protect and nourish the child within;
with joy and wonder smile at the adult.


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No more orders,
no more carrying her mate¦s burden.
She is free to see the world as it is.


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Four Directions

East, West, North, South...
Going in four directions
and getting nowhere.


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Snack Pack

When you go to lunch with friends,
know who the lunch is.


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Life¦s Chase

He who chases his tail goes nowhere.


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Sisters Too

Always I shall know my sister; we shall ride together. Always I shall love my sister; we share our joy. Always I shall remember my sister; we shall raise our children together.
At our feet sit our grandchildren. They too shall ride together. Such is life!


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Two Friends Horseback

My friend and I ride together.
Our paths are the same.
Together we shall share
The long days of summer.

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Life¦s Paisley

Wrap your shoulder in colorful patterns rather than dark, somber cloud.

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We share the smallest
joys, console each other¦s grief.
We treasure each other.
We are one!


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The man who loved the frogs

Each Spring the man would sit at the river and wait for he sound of the frogs. That is why he knows of their sorrow. The man who loved the frogs has learned compassion. (Menominee Indian Legend)

Not Native American Made


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Fashion Police

For those with discriminating taste
and shopping expertise.


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Bad Hair Day

Everyone has a bad hair day
once in awhile.


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The infant smiles and sees what is possible.

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Alter Ego

The continual struggle of who we are and who we are expected to be.


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Navajo Sweat Lodge

Not Native American Made


The brother built a sweat lodge for his three sisters and together they walked in dreams.

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Beauty Mask

A smiling face is always beautiful.


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A Mermaid, not a "mere maid."
A woman of substance!


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Life¦s Tapestry

My life is a woven tapestry; the weft is filled with stories: a stormy night, a celebration of the land.

With gratitude, I sing a praise and weave another strand.


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Those things forgotten, I find at the river¦s edge. My memories are now like small fish splashing in the water. I recall my mother¦s strong hands and my father¦s wisdom. I am blessed and feel complete.


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Where I choose to wander,
What I choose to do,
Makes no difference to my friend.
She wants to do that too.

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