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Etz Chaim Matchbook Pins

Alice Seely’s Etz Chiam Matchook Pins are made of lead free pewter.

They are made in her studio in Hondo, New Mexico. Pewter is 30% lighter

than silver, doesn’t tarnish, and can be cleaned with fine steel wool.

All of these pins come with Hebrew Lettering and they all reflect

the universal “Tree of Life” theme.


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Art and Writing

Alice Warder Seely

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We share the smallest
joys, console each otherVs grief.
We treasure each other.
We are one!

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A celebration of generations,

continuation, and tradition.
Our family's greatest toast is life!

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Light each candle.
Blessings in the night.
Strength of family shining,
We light the tree of life.

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A mirror does not reflect a family.
The family’s true reflection is a celebration

of laughter, sharing, and one another’s love.

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         LifeVs Joy

In the beginning when there was one,

there was loneliness.

The earth was barren.

When there were two, there was sharing.

They grew together with their garden.

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      The Tree of Life

The branches of the tree of life, hold us and protect us.
The branches of the tree of life, like fingers,

reach through generations.

The tree of life...Our Menorah!

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          To Life

Blessings from the gentle rain.
Blossoms filled with scent.
Hold me in your branches,
As we celebrate,"To Life!"

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A sprouting tree,
like a newborn child,
grows through the years
and enriches our lives.

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   El Yah Tree of Life

The earliest El Yah inscription (late bronze age) was found on a Ewer

in the Old Negev, the Ancient Land of Canaan.
It combines The tree of life, the name of God, and the Ram.


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A mirror does not reflect a family.
The family's true reflection is a celebration of laughter, sharing, and one anotherVs love.

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So small this tree,
at times unnoticed.
Delicate Blossoms,Sweetest Fruit.
A gift not to be forsaken!

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Candlelights flicker
In a room filled with hope.
We light the last candle.
In a room filled with faith
and tradition.

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     The Next Cycle

Through a canopy of branches,
sunlight sparkles on the water.

Leaves dance in complex patterns
on the surface.

Clouds appear, bringing Spring rain.
The river is renewed.

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   The Good Around Us

So simple is the good around us.

Uncomplicated beauty

in a single form.


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A tree for every season.
A tree for all directions
A tree more alike
Than different.
A tree for all mankind!

©2001, Alice Warder Seely, All Rights Reserved