Alice Warder Seely

Hondo, New Mexico



Company History


Alice Seely's first textile customer was Roger Thomas, the chief designer for the new Encore addition to the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.  The addition opens in December, with 34 of Alice’s wall hangings, framed and mounted, in guest areas and the main casino area.


Alice started her textile business in 2007. Her line features hand embroidered wall hangings and pillows, made by artisans in Srinigar, Kashmir.  The designs are uniquely American, not derivative of European or Asian designs and portend the strong infusion of color into the world of contemporary furniture.  (A similar shift occurred with the introduction of Bauhaus tapestries in the 1920's and 30's. )


Alice has shown at the Las Vegas Furniture Market, where she was asked to design rugs, tapestries, and pillows for a leading contemporary furniture manufacturer.  Alice will have a continuing presence at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. 


Alice Seely Designs has been in business as Urban Fetishes, Inc. for 35 years. Her jewelry manufacturing business sells to over 500 customers: museum gift stores, including the Smithsonian, galleries, up-scale airport stores, and national parks.  She is well acquainted with the many facets of the wholesale industry

Alice, who makes her home in Hondo, New Mexico,  is a painter, sculptor, writer and jewelry designer.   Seely has shown her paintings and sculptures in galleries in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, New York, Michigan, and Florida.  Her artistic biography is available by clicking on the link below.



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Alice Seely's Artistic Biography